At Casa de Luz, we work to keep families together and lift up the name of Jesus. All of this is done as part of the Gospel-centered community development that we are doing here in Mexico, believing that God has a plan for our neighbours—plans that are both good and full of hope.


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“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

        - Max Lucado

latest news

latest news

Priscila’s Story

Priscila, mother to Dulce and Jenni, has been a part of Casa de Luz for just over a year. When Priscila arrived at CDL she was in a very desperate situation and was unable to look ...

latest news

Marilu’s Story

When Marilu arrived in Primo Tapia with her four children, she was in a very dangerous situation, fleeing an extremely violent and abusive man. She didn’t know anyone in Baja California, Mexico, but she came ...

latest news

Yissel’s Story

Yissel is a young girl from our community. Because of financial instability, Yissel’s Mother was not able to care for her daughter and she had to make the difficult decision to place Yissel in an ...