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Together we are making a difference in the lives of children and families.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are a gospel-centered community working to keep families together by providing empowerment and education as well as ongoing support and resources to the most vulnerable single-parent families. We identify the unique needs of each of these families and work together to create sustainable solutions and direct action so they have the ability to lift themselves out of the generational cycles of poverty and injustice.

Our Latest Project


Poverty, lack of education, abuse, and trauma all add to a teens vulnerability in Mexico. There is an urgent need to get youth off the streets, where they are susceptible to crime and drug involvement, and into a safe space where they can be mentored. We are committed to meeting this need to ensure youth in Primo Tapia have what they need to break out of cycles of poverty and have thriving and hopeful futures. We are fulfilling this through the construction of a Youth Center for At-Risk and Impoverished Teens.

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When you sponsor a child at Casa de Luz, you are meeting critical needs of the most vulnerable children in our neighbourhood. Sponsorship provides a child with nutritious meals, teachers who will help fill educational gaps, mentors who provide emotional guidance and spiritual discipleship, stability, support and endless love from our staff.

Sponsor a youth 


When you sponsor a youth, you are directly providing a way for them to make different choices, change their futures, and lift themselves out of poverty. You are providing opportunities for positive mentorship, community, help in their education, skill building, spiritual discipleship and nutritious meals each day.

Sponsor a scholarship


When you sponsor a Scholarship you are helping to rewrite the story of education for the next generation. We know that education is the key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty and that’s why we’re committed to ensuring our teens have the resources they need to be able to stay in school at a time when more than half drop out.

“To me, Casa de Luz means peace, security, economic stability, and growth.”

Marilu | Empowered Employment Program

We need your help to change the lives of more single mothers like Marilu. Here are more ways for you to get involved.

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