I am a sponsor, what if my credit card expires or is compromised?2019-09-03T18:08:57+00:00

You are able to log into your account directly and update your payment information at any time. If you need help doing either of these please email lia@casadeluzmexico.com to update all financial information for child, youth or educational sponsorships.

Will my child know he/she has a sponsor?2018-08-20T19:11:19+00:00

Not only will your child know, but he/she will be very excited about it! Our kids love their sponsors, and they feel very, very special to know that someone is thinking of them! Please know that your sponsorship provides for more than just physical needs – it provides your child with a sense of belonging, and a confirmation that he/she is very special. To a child in Mexico, this means the world.

Will I get to see pictures and updates on my child?2019-09-03T18:03:50+00:00

Yes! Twice a year, in the spring and winter you will receive updates on your child. Updates will include a picture and depending on the age and ability of the child, he/she may even write you letters and cards!

Where is Primo Tapia?2017-06-21T17:28:08+00:00

The town is about an hour and a half south of San Diego, California, and about an hour south of Tijuana. Primo Tapia is located in the municipality of Playas de Rosarito in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Primo Tapia is found between two larger cities, Rosarito and Ensenada. Rosarito has a population of approximately 90 000 people, and is home to some major American stores, such as Dollar Stores, Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Ensenada is an American tourist destination and has a population of approximately 260 000 people.

What will my sponsorship money provide for my child?2019-09-03T18:05:49+00:00

Your sponsorship provides more than you’d think! For just $30/month (CAN), you make it possible for your child to receive nutritious meals, a safe environment while their parent works, teachers who help fill in educational gaps, mentors who provide guidance for their lives in all areas, emotionally, physically and spiritually and endless love from all of our staff who work daily to serve the children at CDL.

What should I bring on my trip to Casa de Luz?2019-09-03T18:06:42+00:00

You should have enough room for all your gear in a regular sized carry-on bag. You may, however, want to bring an extra backpack for purchases or whatever else you may feel the need to bring back.

What to bring for our time in Mexico:

– A Bible, journal and pen

– A card game or other small board game for the evenings

– A water bottle

– A camera

– Sunblock and sunglasses

– Towel and facecloth

– Antibacterial hand wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitizer

– Work clothes (suitable for painting; t-shirts are OK, muscle shirts are not)

– A hat (essential for the afternoons in the sun)

– Dress clothes to wear to La Hermosa Church

– Men: wear jeans/pants with a button-up shirt

– Women: wear dresses, skirts, jeans or dress pants

– A hoodie/sweater for the cool mornings and evenings (all year around, even in the summertime)

– In the winter months, pack:

– A very warm (waterproof, if possible) jacket

– A hoodie or sweater

– Plenty of socks

– Rain gear

– A toque and mitts

– In the summer, pack:

– Modest shorts/capri pants

What are the situations of the families that are attending Casa de Luz?2019-09-03T18:08:05+00:00

In Mexico, there is a real issue of “economic orphans,” where (often single) mothers have to make the heartbreaking decision to either lock their children into their houses or trailers, leave them on the streets, or put them into full-time orphanage care (24/7, where they give over custody to the orphanage due to lack of options) when they work to provide food for themselves and their children.

Casa de Luz will provide meals for the children during the day (which for many children will be their only regular daily meal), care for the children while the parent is at work during the day, and will provide parenting support, spiritual support and emotional support to the entire family.

In addition to preventing children from becoming ‘street children’ or ‘orphans,’ Casa de Luz will also help families take their children back out of full-time orphanages and move them back into their family homes and thus keep families together.

What is it like in Primo Tapia?2017-06-21T17:25:34+00:00

The population of Primo Tapia is approximately 3500 people.

Primo Tapia has a moderate climate, with rain in the months of January and February. The annual median temperature is 17 degrees Celcius.

What does “Casa de Luz” mean?2017-06-21T17:25:08+00:00

Casa de Luz means “House of Light” in Spanish.

May we write to and visit the children we sponsor?2018-08-20T19:11:56+00:00

Your child is waiting for your letter! We encourage sponsors to write to their child. We help with translations, where necessary. Depending on their age and ability, your child may also write to you.
It is also possible to visit the center in Mexico through our mission team’s program. Contact our Canadian offices for more information.

Is it safe to come to Mexico?2017-06-21T17:24:10+00:00

Yes. While the media often portrays Mexico as one of the most dangerous places on earth, it is statistically quite safe. Millions of Canadian (and American) tourists safely visit Mexico each year.

In the 12 years that CDL has been hosting teams, never once has there ever been any sort of altercation. This is in part because CDL and its guests have found tremendous favour—being very well received and supported by the community.

Like travelling to any other country though, it is recommend that you practice common sense.

Do the children have more than one sponsor?2018-08-20T19:12:01+00:00

In many cases—and especially for the children in CDL—yes. In order to the meet all the expenses and needs of the child, more than one sponsor is often needed. Your combined sponsorship dollars along with other’s donations provide food, clothing, housing, education, and medical care.

Can we choose the child we sponsor?2018-08-20T20:41:30+00:00

When you register for sponsorship, you can tell us the age of the child you would like to sponsor, and whether you’d like to sponsor a boy or girl. Shortly after you sign up for sponsorship, you will receive in the mail, a picture of your child and lots of interesting information about them.

Can I sponsor more than one child?2018-08-20T19:12:14+00:00

Absolutely! We have many sponsors who sponsor a family of children, or one boy and one girl, or one of several other combinations!
Some organizations, businesses, schools, etc., combine their sponsorship money to sponsor multiple children at Casa de Luz in the name of their organization. Email for more information on corporate sponsorship.

Can I send gifts to my child?2018-08-20T19:12:17+00:00

Due to high import duties and restrictions by other foreign governments, large packages cannot be delivered to our center. But please do not be discouraged. You are welcome to send small inexpensive gifts that fit into a 6 x 9 inch envelope (i.e., stickers, bandanas, hair ribbons, small coloring books, small puzzles, paper airplanes, etc.). Please do not send jewelry, money or currency or any expensive type of gift. Contact Us for the mailing address to send your correspondence.