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At Casa de Luz, we work to keep families together and lift up the name of Jesus. All of this is done as part of the Gospel-centered community development that we are doing here in Mexico, believing that God has a plan for our neighbours—plans that are both good and full of hope.


Come right on in. It’s a bit loud in here sometimes but it’s the best kind of loud: little kids are playing, neighbours are swapping stories, and men and women are working together. At the table, the big kids are working on their homework. Just outside, there’s a new home being built. In the kitchen, someone is singing. This, right here, is the Gospel in action. Sometimes this kind of a Jesus-centered life is messy and loud, but we’re happy to welcome you right into the middle of it.

Our name – Casa de Luz – means “House of Light.” This is because we believe that this place will become a city on a hill, pushing back the darkness in our world, bringing light to Mexico.

Our work includes a children’s center, focused on single and impoverished families in Primo Tapia, a pilot micro loan program for education and business development, an ongoing partnership for home ownership within our community, and a deep local commitment to the spiritual growth, empowerment, and development of our community.

We love our neighborhood. Jesus is at work here in our neighbours’ lives, and we’re honored to be a part of his good plans.

Settle down for a while, grab some of the best food you’ll ever taste, and we’ll tell you a bit of our story.

Many of us are aware of the worldwide poverty-driven orphan crisis. In fact, by some estimations, there are as many as 153 million boys and girls without families.

But many of the orphans in our part of the world are “economic orphans” – not without parents, but simply with parents who are unable to care for their children.

Sadly, due to death, imprisonment, gang activity, lack of work, and other factors, many of the fathers in our community are absent. This, in turn, leaves mothers particularly vulnerable as they try to provide for their children without family support, resources, or basic help.

As a result, many of our neighbours are forced to leave their small children behind on the streets while they work or search for work. These kids are then forced do their best to scrounge for food and survive each day. Other children are locked alone in the house, while the family works very long and exhausting hours to provide basic food and shelter.

Tragically, both of these all-too-common options leave our community’s children vulnerable to predators and traffickers, and now our children suffer from physical and sexual abuse, exposure to illegal drug use, neglect, hunger, illnesses, household accidents, and loneliness.

It’s no wonder many local parents decide to give up their child to an orphanage as the “better option.”

We believe Jesus cares about these children, these women, and these men. And so we’re here to stay. We’re here to be a “house of light” in the darkness.