We are working to keep families together and lift up the name of Jesus in Primo Tapia, Mexico. Learn more about our mission below.

We are breaking cycles of generational poverty and illiteracy.

We work to keep families together and provide resources and support to impoverished single-parent families and children at risk. We are involved in long-term gospel-centred community development because we believe that God has a plan for our neighbours – plans that are both good and full of hope.

Our work includes a Children’s Center, focused on resourcing and supporting single parents in Primo Tapia in order that they may raise their children well, a Mentorship Program for at-risk youth, educational and scholarship initiatives, housing projects, empowered employment developments, spiritual discipleship programs and a deep commitment to restoring the families we work with in a holistic way that they may experience complete restoration in their lives.

Why do we exist?

There is a global poverty-driven orphan crisis. In fact, by some estimations, there are as many as 153 million boys and girls without families. Many of the orphans in Mexico are “economic orphans” – they may have parents, but their parents are unable to care for them.

Many of the fathers are absent which leaves mothers particularly vulnerable as they try to provide for their children without family support, resources, or help. Many women are forced to leave their small children alone at home or on the streets while they work long and exhausting hours. Unfortunately, these kids are forced to scrounge for food and attempt to survive each day on their own, while the parent works to provide the most basic necessities of food and shelter.

Tragically, this leaves the community’s children vulnerable to predators and traffickers. All of the children at CDL come from a life of trauma. Many have suffered physical and sexual abuse, exposure to illegal drug use, neglect, hunger, illness, household accidents and loneliness.

Parents are faced with the heartbreaking decision to give up their children to full-time orphanage care as there are no other alternatives offered them. We believe Jesus cares about these children, and these parents and so we exist to be a ‘House of Light’ in the darkness.

We believe in equipping and empowering single mothers in order to break the generational cycle of poverty so that families are able to stay together. We fight, strive and labour for the safety of all children. We have seen that education is paramount to getting out of poverty so we ensure it for our kids and parents alike at CDL.
We believe that youth are our future leaders, developers and change-makers in this world and so we invest heavily and work to create opportunity for this next generation. We long to have words like slavery, trafficking and hunger eradicated completely.

Most of all we believe in the hope that Jesus offers every single person and we’re here to proclaim Him, first and foremost.

Take the next steps.

Casa de Luz does not receive any government funding or grants but operates solely on the generosity of individuals and private businesses through donations and child sponsorship.

None of the work of restoration that happens day after day would be possible without people just like you.

Would you step into our journey and the story of our Casa de Luz families?

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