Yissel is a young girl from our community. Because of financial instability, Yissel’s Mother was not able to care for her daughter and she had to make the difficult decision to place Yissel in an orphanage at the age of 8. Yissel was left to live with strangers. She was heart broken, lonely and afraid. She cried every day for several months, desperately hoping that her Mom would come get her and bring her back home. In the fall of 2011 we met Yissel’s mother, Elena and she shared her story with us. Up to that point Yissel had never been in a healthy, happy or stable home environment and Elena was looking for support.

We were so excited to accept Yissel into Casa de Luz! Yissel was able to move back home with her family, She now attends Casa de Luz every day where she receives hot meals, help with schoolwork, plenty of fun activities and a lot of love. She has made many good friends. She has even been taking ballet lessons at CDL, which she enjoys very much. She is now a happy, healthy, girl full of joy and life! We also continue to build relationship with Elena. Elena struggles with low self-esteem, which has had a significantly negative impact on her relationship with her daughter. She is working to maintain stability, and we are praying that as we speak truth to her, that she will see herself the way God sees her, as someone of value who is loved and accepted.