Priscila, mother to Dulce and Jenni, has been a part of Casa de Luz for just over a year. When Priscila arrived at CDL she was in a very desperate situation and was unable to look forward to her future with hope and excitement. However, in our meetings with Priscila over this time that she has been a part of Casa de Luz, we have been encouraging her and walking along-side her as she has set some goals for herself and her family. We also spent time dreaming with Priscila about some skills and experience that she currently has that she could put into practise to make some positive changes in her family’s situation… including her dream of one day owning her own Beauty Salon!

Priscila has been working in the beauty industry for the past 8 years, and was recently presented the opportunity to open her own small beauty salon. Since we have also seen Priscila take some positive steps forward in other areas of her own life, we thought that this would be a good opportunity to come along-side her and to partner with her in this new venture.

We met with Priscila over a couple of weeks, had her complete a detailed business plan including all of her expenses, and helped her to research the price of the necessary equipment and supplies needed for her to open her salon. After finding the best price available, in February of 2013, Casa de Luz was able to offer a micro-loan to CDL Mom Priscila for the start-up costs associated with her starting her own Hair Salon and Esthetics studio. We assisted her in the purchase of a salon chair, hair wash station, an initial supply of hair colour, a wax warmer and wax, and business cards and flyers. As of April 2014, Priscilla has repaid 90% of her loan.