When a child enters the doors of Casa de Luz for the very first time their worrisome faces and untrusting eyes often look so heavy and weary. When a child has experienced a lot of trauma in their life, felt unsafe in their own home, has no stability and don’t know if they’ll have the privilege of eating dinner each night, they build up many walls around their heart and this means they don’t trust easily.

This was the case when Zuzeth came to Casa de Luz. Her distressed face was what she wore every minute of every day. It didn’t matter if you spoke to her, hugged her, cheered for her, the same look of hopelessness was always there.


We’ve had the privilege of seeing faces, hearts and lives soften over time but for months Zuzeth was a rock. We continued to pour love into her life and we prayed for her heart to soften. Casa de Luz was a place of safety and stability for her. Her teachers were consistently compassionate towards her and slowly, after many months, we saw a little glimmer of hope in Zuzeth’s eyes.

Time and time again we see what love can do. We see the difference safety and stability makes. We see what lifting worry from a child’s shoulders does for them. We see the light come back to their eyes and a softening in their hearts and lives. Finally, we see trust and joy.


We are honoured to walk alongside so many families and children like Zuzeth, to welcome them into a loving, safe space and to see their lives changed.

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