Two year old Kevin should have arrived at Casa de Luz excited to play with the other children. Instead he was carried in looking lethargic because of malnourishment.

Sadly, as is common for children in our region, Kevin’s father was killed due to his involvement in the drug trade. This happened just as the world was coming to a halt because of COVID-19. Though Kevin’s family had always lived in poverty, this was a brand new situation for his mother.

Kevin’s mother now had the sole responsibility of caring for him and his older brother. Work was scarce. The family was grieving. A cloud of hopelessness began to settle over them and they were merely surviving each day. 

Thanks to your generosity, today Kevin looks like a completely different child from the one that was first carried in to Casa de Luz. Because of you, Kevin is able to see a doctor on an ongoing basis. He was treated for parasites and given medication to supplement his eating. He has been eating extra meals at Casa de Luz, has food to take home for the evenings, and his family is receiving food hampers to ensure they eat on the weekend.

To see Kevin now is to see a child full of life. He has clarity and light to his eyes, he can pay attention and focus, and he has a bright smile on his face. His teachers no longer find him falling asleep on the sidelines. Instead he is playing with his peers and dancing every time music comes on!

Kevin still has a journey ahead of him but it’s one that involves hope. You have changed the future for Kevin and so many other families like his.

Thank you.

To continue helping more children like Kevin, give today!

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