Karol and Elia

A story of hope

We would love for you to meet Elia, one of the Moms at Casa de Luz. She has an incredible story! Take a minute to read her words and see how your gifts to Casa de Luz have changed her life.

My name is Elia and it is my honour to share with you about my life.

My daughter Karol and I arrived in Primo Tapia with only one small suitcase each. We packed up quickly in the night and fled from our home when I learned of the ongoing abuse my daughter was suffering at the hands of her father. 

We were lent a small shelter to stay in upon our arrival.  A space with no electricity, no water, and that flooded each time it would rain. I set up a small tent to sleep inside of the space. I was trying to keep my daughter safe and protected from the elements. We were so cold. 

As we lay inside the tent at night we heard the rats scurry beside us. I tried to make the experience fun for Karol, telling her that we were camping.

I felt so lonely. We didn’t have winter clothes. We didn’t know how cold it gets here. 

But God brought people, like angels, to surround us. I see each person from Casa de Luz and La Hermosa Church like the angels in Psalm 91 where it says that God will send his angels to care for us. I have been surrounded with real life angels.

I came to Primo Tapia with a plan to work and to attain things, for a chance at a new beginning, a new life.

God has worked in my life, put my feet on a new path and given me a new meaning. I still want to work for what Karol and I need, but my plan now is to help others.

Recently my daughter Karol said to me through tears, “Thank you Mommy for bringing me to the Children’s Center. Casa de Luz is a place that changes children’s lives. Thank you for changing my life.”

Before coming to Casa de Luz, Karol would sit outside on the street while I worked. With Casa de Luz we have everything we need. Karol is receiving education, food, and learning about faith in Jesus. 

Because of Casa de Luz we have gone through a beautiful transformation. I have grown. I now know God. I have work and mentors and I was baptized at the church.

God has met my needs and we are no longer alone.

My mentor, Marilu, tells me that we can do all things through Christ who gives us our strength. This is the message of hope that women like me, women in desperate and dangerous situations need. I am so thankful for Casa de Luz. I am proud to be a part of it.

I went to Casa de Luz seeking refuge for my daughter. I did not know the difference it would make in both of our lives.

Thank you for hearing my story,


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