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Mexico has been described as a nation where affluence, poverty, natural splendor and urban blight rub shoulders. It is, geographically, the 12thlargest country in the world, heavily endowed with natural resources, and the second largest-economy in Latin America.

Yet—for most—prosperity remains a dream. While a small few profit, more than half of the population live in poverty.

This is due, at least in part, to the government’s inability to orient its spending towards the poorest sectors of the population. Thus, rural areas are neglected, cities are flooded, and families are torn apart.

This cycle feeds itself. Moreover, it will continue to do so unless it is met with considerable opposition—including affordable housing, employment opportunities and effective childcare.


Yes. While the media often portrays Mexico as one of the most dangerous places on earth, it is statistically quite safe. Millions of Canadian (and American) tourists safely visit Mexico each year.

In the 12 years that CDL has been hosting teams, never once has there ever been any sort of altercation. This is in part because CDL and its guests have found tremendous favour—being very well received and supported by the community.

Like travelling to any other country though, it is recommend that you practice common sense.

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