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We can’t do everything, we know that. In our personal lives, at work, there always seems to be more we want to accomplish. The same is true for us as we come alongside families at Casa de Luz in Primo Tapia. It can be overwhelming if we start thinking of the more, more, more we want to do!

Here’s what we do instead. We dream BIG! We pray. And then begin with one thing for one child.

Of course we want for all children what our kids at CDL have; safety, enough food to eat, the knowledge that they are endlessly loved and that they have hope for the future. And so, we start with one. So that one by one children would know safety. One by one families would know love. And we pray that one by one this entire place would know freedom and hope.

We can’t do everything but we can do one thing, one child, one family at a time.

Would you join us in giving this season?

1. Food Hampers and Blankets for Impoverished Families

(50 Hampers x $100 = $5,000)

During the winter months families who live in poverty become increasingly vulnerable to the elements, subject to hunger and the cold. As we look around we see families living in abandoned shacks with broken windows and only sheets of plastic for a roof. When the cold and rain come, families, especially those with very young children or the elderly, are most vulnerable.

This Christmas season we want to offer life and hope to the most impoverished families in our community. Our goal is to provide 50 families with provisions to get through this season without more risk or greater despair, but rather to help ease the burdens they face each day that are now amplified by the weather.

2. The Village Youth Center for at-risk Teens ($15,000)

We’ve purchased the land and we’re working on blue prints right now and we can’t wait to start construction on this much needed project. Youth in Primo Tapia from poor families are the most vulnerable to gang and drug involvement. When they have nothing, no mentors, no stability, the allure of this life can seem like the only way. What we know, and have seen up close, is that once begun there is little way out of this choice and tragically, this life often leads to death. Teens are sought out. Families are torn apart. Lives are lost.

We long to create a space where the most vulnerable teens can come. A place of safety and stability. A place with mentors who will pour into their lives helping to guide them in life choices. And also a place where youth can just be, unwind, do homework, have some fun while surrounded by staff who care for their well-being and want the most for their lives. A place where freedom and hope can become a truth for the youth in this town.

Change happens by doing just one thing and it begins with just one person – you!