CDL Ministries and several partnering churches and organizations have committed to sending teams to Primo Tapia, Mexico throughout the year. These are life-changing experiences for everyone involved. Not only do we focus on making a difference in the lives of those we serve, but we also step outside of our western comfort zone and identify with God’s heart for the nation of Mexico.



To be part of the community we have established a permanent base in the city of Primo Tapia itself. The team building is located adjacent to Casa de Luz. The building houses a clean and functional kitchen, eating and hang out areas, and storage space. Our facilities contain a shower and bathroom on each floor of our team buildings, bunk beds complete with mattresses and bedding, and an amazing view of the Pacific ocean. A fire pit is also available outside of the team buildings to socialize and debrief through your stay.


If you hire our team cooks you can expect some of the best Mexican meals you have ever tasted. There are also many restaurants and grocery stores near by.


The CDL kids love when teams come to visit! Teams mean new friends, extra players for soccer games and often exciting activities. Language is never a barrier to interaction. While you may not understand everything the kids are saying, the language of love, attention, and service goes a long way when making new friends here.


While in Mexico, visiting missions teams engage in various service projects. Casa de Luz works very closely with the leaders of each team to build a missions trip that engages the skills, passions and interests of missions team members while meeting needs among CDL, La Hermosa Church and our town of Primo Tapia.

The teams activities at Casa de Luz range from crafts and teaching times with the children, dance or music classes, sports or activities classes, playing soccer with the children, or other special events. Some team members also love to help out in our CDL Nursery, where staff are always happy to have some extra hands helping out with the younger ones.

Often times, there will be a construction project for the teams to get involved with. Currently, our main construction project is Casa de Luz Village.

Our heart at Casa de Luz is to bless our community of Primo Tapia alongside our brothers and sisters from La Hermosa Church. One of the activities that teams are regularly involved with, alongside La Hermosa church leaders, is in home prayer visits, and in the preparation and delivery of food hampers for local families in need. Traditionally, this means the team shops for, assembles, and then delivers the food hampers. The food hamper delivery day is always a highlight for team members, where they get the chance to step out of their comfort zone, pray for those in need, and serve in a very practical way. We have seen God do some amazing things on these food hamper delivery trips.


We ask that you please be hospitable toward the La Hermosa and CDL Staff and volunteers. Show your love and appreciation for them while you are there. Look for ways to serve them.

Also, be warm and friendly to the local people you will be meeting. Let others get to know you. Think of ways that you can help them understand a little about yourself and your country. Above all else, reflect the love of Christ in your words and actions.


As it is well reported in the news, the Mexican government has been fighting the drug cartels for the past couple of years and violence has increased in some regions. What the news does not report, however, is that the violence is centralized in the main routes of drug trafficking in central Mexico, which is very far from Baja California where we are situated. However, the military is present here, as it is in all of Mexico, and we will regularly see members of the Mexican military while on the highways and in local stores. We will also occasionally pass through military checkpoints. These are not situations to be concerned about—they are there to make the region safe for tourism, and are regular occurrences in Mexico.


If you’re interested in taking a trip to Casa de Luz, please contact us below or email us at trips@casadeluzmexico.com

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