At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he assembled a team of disciples – His Staff. They were very ordinary people who had extraordinary hearts. Together they learned how to influence, lead and change their world. Each year, Casa de Luz (CDL) chooses a few young leaders to take on a similar challenge as we seek to change the community of Primo Tapia and Baja California, Mexico.

The goal of the CDL Internship is to give students (19-27) an opportunity to see community outreach ministry in action within the context of a cross cultural mission and local church. In our case, the local church is a vibrant independent church called La Hermosa.

This experience is meant to give students a clearer perspective of working with people in need by involving them in the behind-the-scenes work. Students will learn about the why’s and the how’s of why CDL conducts ministry to the needy as we do. Students are to learn as much as they can from the people who are in this ministry by talking with them, watching what they do, and helping out in whatever capacity they are asked to. There will be an intentional effort to use the intern in the area of their gifting while also providing a stretching opportunity by assisting in areas where they not as strong. This is a mentoring opportunity for the student. We believe that practical experience alongside training will help interns be more successful in leading ministry.

We are excited the opportunity that it is to work with emerging leaders dedicated to serving Jesus, youth and the local church. We look forward to the potential future partnership and the benefit that this internship will bring you for your future investment into the lives of today’s teens.

One of the most rewarding experiences an intern can have is watching themselves grow into their full potential. The internship program is designed to see the gifting that an intern has and bring it to the forefront of what they do, and in many cases the intern supervisor will awaken in the intern passions and giftings that they didn’t even know they had.

Here are a few of things that an intern can expect to develop in or receive from their experience in the CDL internship program:



  1. Learning from experienced workers in the area of community/mercy ministry team building and leadership development.
  2. Growing into a leader that others want to follow.
  3. Improving written and oral communication skills and gain a better understanding of organization and time-management.
  4. Learning about Mexican culture and how to be culturally relevant and appropriate without becoming just fluff
  5. Your faith journey with Jesus
  6. Your ability to work well with different personality types and with those of another culture, while building lasting and effective relationships
  7. Learning first hand what it takes to build an effective community mercy ministry.
  8. An acute awareness of some of the challenges and powerful lessons one gains when working with those in situations of need.


  1. The CDL Co-Directors will act as your supervisors. Your supervisor will come with a wealth of ministry knowledge and experience. They will be committed to meet with their intern weekly both for the purpose of equipping as well as for preparation for their personal growth.
  2. The CDL will accept both short-term (0-6 months) and long-term (6-12 month) interns and aim to create a program that will provide the greatest benefit to both the intern and the ministry in the time that they are able to provide. (limit of two)
  3. There will be a specific job description customize to the Intern and the ministry needs.
  4. The intern supervisor will complete a mid-year and final evaluation as well as a letter of reference/recommendation.  The intern will also complete an evaluation of their experience.


In order stay culturally appropriate and genuinely ‘helpful’ in the ministry that we provide, we must be focused both on our Christian character as well as how we develop leadership and relationship. These are some of the expectations that an intern should follow.


  1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. Maintain a positive, Christ-like attitude and servant’s heart at all times.
  3. Must be in agreement with the AVC statement of faith and CDL’s vision for ministry.
  4. Must be willing to honor the culture of the local church and be willing to integrate oneself into La Hermosa church.


  1. Must be between the ages of 19-27.
  2. Have a current driver’s license (not an absolute must but highly recommended).
  3. Must be willing to learn Spanish.
  4. A heart to serve the CDL Ministry as outlined by the agreed upon job description as well as completing assignments tasked through weekly meetings with their supervisor.
  5. Interns will be expected to complete the Internship application, follow the Code of Conduct, complete a police check, and come with the attitude of a servant Christian leader, with the desire to serve the local church and ministry leadership and support their vision and direction.
  6. Interns must serve with whatever capacity needed (be prepared to be flexible) and do so with enthusiasm, punctuality, humility, integrity, and excellence.
  7. Interns are expected to attend the La Hermosa mid-week or weekend service as well as be part of a mid-week La Hermosa cell Group, regardless of whether their role requires them to work on the weekend.


In order stay culturally appropriate and genuinely ‘helpful’ in the ministry that we provide, we must be focused both on our Christian character as well as how we develop leadership and relationship. These are some of the expectations that an intern should follow.


Our applicants are typically students, though not exclusively, who are in bible school and are looking for further training before they begin their careers in ministry. We are also looking for people with a passion for community outreach ministry, some previous experience in youth work or early child education, and a committed servant worker


Those who apply for a Short-Term internship will be invested in the same as a full-time but will have different benefits. A short term internship will focus on 35 hours a week of training/ working in your specific department area and a 1 hour weekly meeting with supervisor.


Our internship is a short term (0-6 month) or long term (6-12 month) commitment.  It is designed to be an equipping agent to release interns into the ministry where God leads.  There will be time off during the first two weeks of August.


Doing an internship with CDL does not mean nor make it easier to get a paid job at CDL or the Abbotsford Vineyard Church.  Our aim is to equip interns in the area of community ministry and then provide them with a great letter of recommendation.   There should be no expectation of the internship turning into a job.  Interns are more than welcome to apply for posted positions, but they will be treated and evaluated the same as every other applicant.


A Long Term internship will focus on 35 hours a week training/working in your specific department, a 1 hour weekly intern meeting with supervisor, and a 3 hour monthly meeting with supervisor.


Interns are NOT staff. Interns are definitely recognized and have greater influence and access to the workings the CDL families and ministry than the average volunteer, however, the intern is a student who is part of a program and is in a volunteer role with many staff privileges.

What this means is that interns will be attending all CDL Staff Meetings (however, if there is confidential or long term decision meetings they will be asked not to attend such meetings).  They will also have key access to CDL, a shared intern work space, network access and a CDL email address.