Here at Casa de Luz Ministries, we have programs to help our single mothers and their children walk through all aspects of life. We are continually looking for new ways to lead them out of their lives of poverty and shame, and into a new life filled with hope through the love of Jesus.


Our primary work happens at our Children’s Center, where we work with impoverished and vulnerable single-parent families, many of whom are without any family support or resources.  The goal of Casa de Luz is to reverse this cycle of poverty and desperation and to give these single Moms the ability to hope and dream for their future again.  Here we provide for a stable environment for at-risk children so that their Mom is able to study or find a job so that she can provide for her family.

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This program provides opportunities for positive mentorship for at-risk middle school CDL youth (ages 12-15) during after school hours, and provides a ‘bridge’ into La Hermosa Church. Young men and women also interact with positive role models, a group of friends to talk to, and receive opportunities for homework help and skill building.

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All of the CDL parents who have not completed their basic education are given the opportunity of enrolling in our Adult Education Completion Program. Our CDL staff assist in organizing the sessions, helping our CDL Moms through the registration process, and supporting them as they study. Though at first the challenge of completing their education seemed very daunting to the CDL parents, we’ve been encouraging them at every opportunity and now we are seeing a huge change in these Moms. This challenge has proven to be very significant for their self-esteem, and we’ve even been hearing comments from the Moms that they are so excited to begin their course, proud of themselves for taking this step forward… even dreaming about what they might like to study at the university one day!

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Many CDL parents have a dream to start a business, but don’t have the means to make their dream become a reality. In the business micro-loan program, we work with our entrepreneurs to develop a strategic plan, and then we provide the funding to start the business. In the past, CDL entrepreneurial women have started businesses in the beauty, sewing and food industries.

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The grassroots Own Your Own Home (OYOH) program provides parents with a doorway out of poverty through affordable home ownership. Through this program, families can purchase a safe and well constructed home at a highly discounted rate, financed over a 5-year period through Casa de Luz Ministries.

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CDL offers 8-week personal development courses periodically throughout the year, including The Purpose Driven Life, Life’s Healing Choices, Every Woman’s Battle and Loving our Children on Purpose parenting course. CDL staff facilitate these courses in partnership with leaders from the local church, La Hermosa.

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