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Our primary work happens at our Children’s Center, where we work with impoverished and vulnerable single-parent families, many of whom are without family support or resources.  The goal of Casa de Luz is to reverse this cycle of poverty and desperation and to give these single Moms the ability to hope and dream for their future again.  Here we provide for a stable environment for at-risk children so that their Mom is able to study or find a job so that she can provide for her family.  In many cases this means preventing children from being abandoned to full-time orphanages, while for others this means taking the children back out of orphanage care and moving them back home with their family.

By welcoming children into CDL, we meet some of the most visible needs in our neighborhood.  Single parents are able to drop off their children at the Children’s Center during the day while they work or further their education.  Staff members at CDL provide care, nutritious meals, hygiene care, school uniforms, help with schoolwork, positive role models, mentorship and plenty of fun activities in a safe, supportive and loving environment.  Our Child Psychologist also works closely with the children to provide spiritual and emotional support and stability.  The most vulnerable children in the community are given what they need to thrive.

Our prayer and goal is that parents would be able to leave CDL!  Our goal is to see families work their way out of poverty and have a self sustaining future filled with the love and hope of Jesus.

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