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Education is the key to a better life for our families at Casa de Luz, not only for the students we help, but also for their parents.  Our goal at Casa de Luz is not just a safe place for the children of our community, but a vision for their whole family to rise up out of poverty.  All of the CDL parents who have not completed their basic education are given the opportunity of enrolling in our Adult Education Completion Program.

Our CDL staff assist in organizing the sessions, helping our CDL Moms through the registration process, and supporting them as they study. Though at first the challenge of completing their education seemed very daunting to the CDL parents, we’ve been encouraging them at every opportunity and now we are seeing a huge change in these Moms. This challenge has proven to be very significant for their self-esteem, and we’ve even been hearing comments from the Moms that they are so excited to begin their course, proud of themselves for taking this step forward… even dreaming about what they might like to study at the university one day!

Weekly, the parents gather together at CDL with a qualified educator to study and complete educational modules, write monthly exams, and work towards graduation at their own pace.  This program allows our parents to finish their elementary, middle and high school education on-site and removes any possible barriers to education that the parents may have previously faced.

In addition to our Education Completion program, CDL offers Educational Scholarships to young adults from our community and CDL parents who have shown the dedication and motivation to continue their studies.  Our first young adult to receive an Educational Scholarship, Luis, recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in Tijuana, MX.

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