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CDL offers 8-week personal development courses periodically throughout the year, including The Purpose Driven Life, Life’s Healing Choices, Every Woman’s Battle and Loving our Children on Purpose parenting course.  CDL staff facilitate these courses in partnership with leaders from the local church, La Hermosa.

We have found that as we explore the basic questions of life, such as “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose?” the CDL moms find real meaning and significance for their lives.  And as their hearts begin to be healed by God, they start to understand and fulfill God’s purposes for them and their families, encouraging and mentoring other CDL Moms to do the same.

Over these past few years, we have heard women express their need and their desire to change the way that they’ve been living and to begin living with a purpose.  Slowly, we have begun to hear the women themselves speak words of hope and expectation about their futures.  We have also been amazed to regularly hear reports from the participants’ employers, and various other community members, about the impact that these courses are having!

At Casa de Luz, we are not only interested in the emotional and spiritual well-being of the parents and children that are part of our program, but we are concerned about their physical health as well.  Mexico has become one of the most overweight countries on earth and has a high rate of diabetes.  That is why at Casa de Luz we have developed a number of initiatives to address the growing concern for obesity and diabetes in our community.  We have hosted such on-going initiatives as a free weekly zumba-style class on Saturday mornings open to women in Primo Tapia, nutritional education, and a ‘Couch to 5k’ beginners running club.

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