Casa de Luz Village:  Support.  Mentorship.  Hope.  Community.

We feel called to take deeper action in reaching out to our community and feel very excited about our new Community Development Project, CDL Village.

Many of the families at CDL do not have support systems in place. CDL Village will be that  place of support, community, mentorship and equipping. We dream of a neighbourhood composed of affordable rental houses and apartments for CDL moms, space for startup businesses for those involved in our micro-loan initiative, a vibrant base for a youth center for at risk youth and Emergency Shelter for families in dire situations.

The CDL Village homes will provide ‘breathing space’ and a safe place for families to heal as they live side by side. They will be able to gain stability and security as they learn from and are mentored by women who are further along the journey and we believe that the women will gain the strength and motivation to spur them on toward a bright and positive future.

We look forward to what the future holds as God continues to restore hope to children and families of Primo Tapia.

Phase One: Youth Centre

for At-Risk and Impoverished Teens

We need your partnership to bring hope to the youth of Primo Tapia. Statistically 62% of youth in Mexico never reach secondary education. Mexico boasts one of the world’s highest rates of teenage pregnancies, gender inequality is a huge concern and violence against women is a cultural norm.

Added to this, youth in Mexico are extremely vulnerable to involvement in crime and the drug trade. Poverty, lack of education, abuse and trauma all add to their susceptibility to this way of life.

We are committed to doing our part to ensure youth in Primo Tapia have what they need to break out of these cycles of poverty and have thriving and hopeful futures.

Our solution is a Youth Centre for At-Risk Teens. The CDL Youth Centre will be Phase One of building CDL Village which is a community resource centre providing support, mentorship, hope, and community to the most vulnerable families.

We see the next generation rising up to become doctors and architects, lawyers and chefs, all of which contribute to the community in a positive way instead of the opposite when they fall into crime.

We desire to build hope into our youth and believe investing in them will change the face of this community for generations to come. The cost of building this dream is approximately $295,000 (Canadian Dollars). Would you join us in making this hope a reality?

Watch the construction of CDL Village in real-time.