Luis Miranda



I’m Luis and I’m excited to join the Casa de Luz staff!

I became a part of CDL when I moved to Primo Tapia at 17 years old. 

With the help of the Scholarship Program, I attended University and graduated with a degree in Mechatronic Engineering.

I have always had the mind of a problem-solver, to figure things out when it doesn’t look like there is a way. In my work after I graduated I was able to use these skills to design, develop, and repair the automation process for automotive companies. 

A few years ago I was praying about a place that I could work and use my skills, but also serve my community and the people in it. At that time, God opened the doors to be a part of CDL and I began to operate Buen Taco, one of the business projects of Casa de Luz.

Since that time I have run Buen Taco, volunteered weekly with the CDL youth, and served alongside CDL in numerous ways.

I want to be a part of Casa de Luz because I believe that when we come together to serve as a team, each of us using the gifts and abilities God has given, we can do more than on our own. I love knowing that I will be a part of something bigger than just me through CDL and the work God is doing through this ministry.

I am excited to dream and work towards the next projects, and to allow God to use me as part of the CDL staff!

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