Container Tiny Homes

Providing Hope through shelter

Living conditions for the most vulnerable families in Primo Tapia town are often patchwork structures lacking safety, basics of water and electricity, or protection from the elements. Corruption means rent is unaffordable and stability in housing doesn’t exist. Families can be given a day’s notice to leave a space because a landlord is offered more rent from someone else. Time and time again, poverty-stricken families are forced to move from one unsafe space to another with little hope of anything better.

Casa de Luz has a vision to change this, and we want you to be a part of it through the construction of Container Tiny Homes! With your help, these tiny homes can be constructed right in your parking lot by your business, congregation, or group. With each person bringing their skills, gifts, time, money, or hands,  you can offer the hope of safety through shelter to a family in desperate need. Contact us for more information on how to get involved. 

Get Involved

Casa de Luz exists because of our incredible volunteers and generous financial partners. We are always looking for new individuals and organizations to get involved in our mission.

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