Casa de Luz Village

Our Latest Project

We dream of a neighbourhood composed of affordable rental houses and apartments for single mothers, space for startup businesses for those involved in our empowered employment initiative, a vibrant base for a youth center for at-risk and impoverished teens, and Emergency Shelter for families in dire situations.

Children’s Center

The heart of our ministry

Our primary work is our Children’s Center where we care for children from impoverished and vulnerable single-parent families. Children who are left alone at home or on the streets are brought into a place where they are safe, well cared for and loved. Our staff provide care, nutritious meals, hygiene care, help with school resources, tutoring to support school work, positive role models, mentorship and plenty of fun. 

Youth Mentorship

Providing guidance for at-risk youth

Our youth program provides positive mentorship for at-risk youth. The Youth Mentorship program addresses issues such as self-esteem, relationships, discipleship, goal-setting and healthy lifestyle choices. Young men and women also interact with positive role models, develop a group of friends build relationships with, and receive opportunities for homework help, skill building and community service. 

Empowered Employment

Empowering women through small business development

We have witnessed an important aspect of seeing community change and holistically addressing poverty is to get involved in economic and community development through meaningful, empowered employment. This is why we’ve started a number of initiatives designed to empower CDL single Moms, equip and build capacity in them, resource them, and to inspire community development on a broader scale.

Education & Scholarships

Providing a path towards a better future

 To encourage learning, staying in school and further education, we offer scholarships to both students and parents to attend highschool and post secondary school. We are also an accredited adult education site and weekly CDL parents and others from the community gather with a qualified educator to study and complete educational modules, write monthly exams and work toward graduation at their own pace.

Personal Development

Pursuing a purposeful life

We offer personal development courses periodically throughout the year, including The Purpose Driven Life, Life’s Healing Choices, and a “Loving our Children on Purpose” Parenting course. We’ve also developed some initiatives to address the growing concern of obesity and diabetes in our community. We have hosted a free weekly zumba-style class, nutritional education, and a beginners running club.

Get involved

Casa de Luz exists because of our incredible volunteers and generous financial partners. We are always looking for new individuals and organizations to get involved in our mission.

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