Children’s Center

The heart of our ministry

Our primary work is our Children’s Center where we care for children from impoverished and vulnerable single-parent families. Children who are left alone at home or on the streets are brought into a place where they are safe, well cared for, and loved. Our staff provides care, nutritious meals, hygiene care, help with school resources, tutoring to support school work, positive role models, mentorship, and plenty of fun.

Youth Center

providing guidance for at-risk youth

Poverty, lack of education, abuse, and trauma all add to a teen’s vulnerability in Mexico. Our youth center provides positive mentorship for at-risk youth, addressing issues such as self-esteem, relationships, discipleship, goal-setting and healthy lifestyle choices. Youth are given a place to learn and grow, a safe space to make mistakes and ask questions, a place to be challenged and to be held accountable. 

Educational Programs

Providing a path towards a better future

Education is key to breaking out of poverty for the families that are a part of Casa de Luz. We break down the barriers to education right on-site through our accredited Adult Education Completion Program and by offering scholarships to both our youth and parents to continue studying at higher levels, including University.

Community Development

helping to break the cycle of poverty

An important aspect of seeing a community change from poverty is to help it develop. Where neighbors can come together, take action, and generate solutions to common problems, neighborhoods are able to grow stronger and more resilient, and businesses can grow and thrive. This, in turn, creates opportunities for employment, helping to break the cycle of poverty. Casa de Luz currently operates local businesses in Primo Tapia, Mexico.

Personal Development

Pursuing a purposeful life

At Casa de Luz personal development includes individual personal support and monthly goal setting, emotional support, educational development, and spiritual discipleship. It includes walking alongside single parent families in a way that builds capacity in them and offers new opportunities Each of these programs helps to contribute to full transformation and restoration of the family and is in direct response to the felt needs of Casa de Luz families.

Dental Clinic

providing access to oral health and dental care

Many children in Primo Tapia live without access to or education surrounding oral health and dental care. Problems begin with a small cavity, but left untreated lead to so much more. Dental pain can disrupt a child’s life in so many ways; their sleep, nutrition, even their education. That’s why Casa de Luz will be opening a no-charge dental clinic in the Spring of 2024!

Medical Clinic

Launching Fall 2024

Get Involved

Casa de Luz exists because of our incredible volunteers and generous financial partners. We are always looking for new individuals and organizations to get involved in our mission.

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