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helping to break the cycle of poverty

An important aspect of seeing a community change from poverty is to help it develop. Where neighbors can come together, take action and generate solutions to common problems, neighborhoods are able to grow stronger and more resilient, and businesses can grow and thrive. This, in turn, creates opportunities for employment, helping to break the cycle of poverty. Casa de Luz currently operates local businesses in Primo Tapia, Mexico.

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In the community of Primo Tapia, single mothers have many barriers between their current reality and a life of flourishing they hope for. Sadly, many fathers are absent leaving women to care for their children on their own.

For women and children living in vulnerable situations, lack of work is a major underlying issue causing instability, poverty, and trauma.

At a deeper level, the lack of skill to even gain employment is a pressing issue. The inability to find work, or qualify for employment, can leave vulnerable families trapped within the generational cycle of poverty. CDL has witnessed an important aspect of seeing a community change and holistically address poverty is to get involved in community development. When a community is made stronger through business development it results in a better quality of life for its neighbors!

Through the development of businesses Casa de Luz is helping to alleviate obstacles facing vulnerable families by:

  • Providing safe and stable employment with a fair living wage
  • Providing opportunities for skills training, mentorship, and growth in employability
  • Providing an opportunity for sustainable revenue for the continued work and expansion of the ministry

With these in place, women can begin to work towards a brighter future for their families!

We currently have three businesses in operation in Primo Tapia:

Buen Taco

Buen Taco is run with intentional ministry and mentorship in mind, all while providing skills training to youth. It was started through a partnership with Good Taco restaurants in Canada. All Good Taco Canada locations donate 1% of their sales to the ongoing work of Casa de Luz.

K47 Cafe

K47 Café is a coffee shop in Primo Tapia that is managed and operated by Casa de Luz moms! All proceeds go to the ongoing work of Casa de Luz.


Marilu’s Tortilleria 

Marilu’s tortilleria provides opportunity and skill building to Casa de Luz moms and women from the community. It is a safe and stable place of employment that can help a vulnerable single mother gain the skills she needs for other job opportunities, as well as provide for her family.


By providing meaningful work, stable employment, and the skills necessary to succeed Casa de Luz is fighting against regional injustices, poverty, food insecurity and so much more.

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Casa de Luz exists because of our incredible volunteers and generous financial partners. We are always looking for new individuals and organizations to get involved in our mission.

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