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In Mexico, only 6 out of 10 children that enter primary education will finish it.

For every 100 children that enter into grade one, a mere 17 will enter university.

The average number of years that a Mexican child stays in school is 8.5.

Education is the key to breaking out of poverty for our families at Casa de Luz, not only for the children, but also for their parents. We work to resource single-parents and their children with the tools they need to create and sustain a healthy promising life and lift themselves out of poverty through education.

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In Mexico, education isn’t considered a high family value, especially if the adults in a family have grown up in poverty themselves.

At Casa de Luz we work diligently to create change and offer a framework that uplifts the value of education.

Casa de Luz is an accredited school and all parents who have not yet completed their basic education are given the opportunity to enroll in our Adult Education Completion Program. Weekly, these parents gather together with a qualified teacher to study and complete education modules, write monthly exams and work towards graduation at their own pace. This program allows parents to finish their elementary, middle and high school education on site at CDL.

We have single mothers who, upon acceptance to Casa de Luz, did not know how to read or write. Through our Education Program we see them make great strides in their learning. We’ve watched them complete their primary, middle and high school education, and for some, even carry on to University.


Education is also an important part of early childhood development. We know if children fail to receive the education they need in their early years, they may be less likely to pursue qualifications in higher education and even struggle to enter the workforce.

Our scholarship program is aimed to help local at-risk youth to continue studying, first by finishing high school and then by pursuing a university, college, or technical school degree.

Why? Because keeping teens in school results in a lower chance of drug and alcohol addiction, fewer teen pregnancies and minimizes youth becoming actively involved in the drug trade, all of which are rampant in Mexico.

Where education is pursued, there is a greater opportunity for employment.

Where there is greater employment, more resources go back into a community. Where there are resources in a community, development occurs and people thrive.

This is how cycles of poverty begin to break.

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Casa de Luz exists because of our incredible volunteers and generous financial partners. We are always looking for new individuals and organizations to get involved in our mission.

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