Casa de Luz Village

a haven of hope for families

We are currently in the midst of this very special community development project and we would love for you to be a part of it! As we take deeper action in reaching out to our community we feel called to create spaces that will offer safety, opportunity, and hope. Many of the families at CDL do not have support systems in place. CDL Village will become that place of support, through mentorship, equipping, employment and housing. This is a three-phase project and we are currently working on Phase 2!

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Phase 1: Complete

CDL’s Youth Center has become a safe haven for teens in Primo Tapia to come in off of the streets and into a place of care and mentorship. It is inside the walls of this Youth Center that lives are being changed through education and discipleship as at-risk teens are given hope for a brighter future.

This building is also home to a restaurant operated by one of our Casa de Luz Mom’s, Marilu, where she employs women from the community and many other CDL Moms! Job creation is foundational to developing a community and breaking cycles of poverty, and we’re excited to see this space bustling with safe and stable employment for so many!

Phase 2: Under Construction

As we continue to develop this vibrant space in our community, we will see phase two consist of a medical and dental clinic to serve those under-resourced in our town. As a ministry of our local church, La Hermosa, we want to provide care for the families that are a part of Casa de Luz, as well as community members who would not be able to access medical or dental care on their own. Our desire is for this to be done in partnership with medical professionals locally, as well as from Canada and the U.S.

This building also has storefronts along the street side. We dream of single mothers from the CDL community selling their wares or using their skills in these spaces to serve the community.

Phase 3: In Development

We dream of a neighbourhood composed of affordable rental houses and apartments for low-income families and an Emergency Shelter for families in desperate situations.

The CDL Village homes will provide a safe place for families to heal as they live in community. It will create opportunities for stability, security, and mentorship as women learn from others who are further along the journey. We believe this space will give hope to women, which in turn will provide strength and motivation to spur them on toward a bright and positive future.

We look forward to what the future holds as God continues to build and direct Casa de Luz Village as a haven of hope for families in Primo Tapia.

Watch Our Progress

Thanks to the time and money donated by our generous partners, the second phase of Casa de Luz Village is currently under construction! Watch in real-time as we work together to break the cycle of poverty in Primo Tapia, Mexico.

Get Involved

Casa de Luz exists because of our incredible volunteers and generous financial partners. We are always looking for new individuals and organizations to get involved in our mission.

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